• PET film–high property packing material with safty guarantee.

    With the social development,people are attaching more and more importance to health. Food safety is a main element influencing the people’s health which has always been taken as a big thing by foreign food manufacturers and supervision dept. Food packaging,particularly,the packing material ...
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  • Increasing demand market on optical BOPET film.

    The market of Optical PET film is of great potential: With the rapid development of FPD, energy saving tech. and PV industry, the optical PET film displays a strong superiority.For LCD,at least 7-8pcs of optical PET film have to be employeed (2 diffuser film, 1 prisim film, 2 retardation film,1 a...
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  • News Item 5, BEF film.

    Currently, the BEF film technology is monopolized by 3M ,for TFT LCD, Merck in Germany attempted to break this situation, the method is to form spiral gradient in the film by diffusing the light inductive chemical compounds by Mr.D.J.Broer , Holand, to make N.phase BEF film.but this method has to...
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